In November, The Lightscape Agency organized #PodwieczorekwŁodzi, which took place in coworking space - Smart Office. Many enterpreneurs, whose ideas and products are a showcase of a creative Łódz city, took part in the meeting. The Agency’s objective was to integrate the creative community, creating a platform for echanging experiences, as well as establishing new business contacts. The honorary patron of the event was the Marshal of the Lodz region and the media patron was the portal

During the „#PodwieczorekwŁodzi”, the company owners such as: Un’common. POLKADOT and KEENO were talking about their ways to achieving success. Discussion was moderated by Małgorzata Błażewicz- well known broadcaster from the Lodz radio Eska station.

Discussions were held on:

• what made Lodz city famous for it’s creative ideas for business, known all over Poland,

• what does running own business look like in a city that is famous for its textile history,

• what determines the success of the local brand

About speakers:

Un’common is a company set up by Małgorzata Korycka, deals in the design and manufacture of designer furniture. At the beginning it acted as a local company, but now it is known throughout the country, and its products are praised by celebriteses e.g Ewa Chodakowska. POLKADOT is a company of Lodz, which deals with graphics. It is created by Aleksandra Woźniak i Hanna Niemierowicz. The company’s projects were used by people like: Łukasz Jemioł or an institutions such as Philharmonic of Lodz and Fundation for Polish Science. KEEENO is a sports eguipment manufacturer, it also deals with the organization of workshops that show how to combine sports exercises with physiotherapy. The managing director of the company Adam Jerzykowski is known for the extreme challenges associated with swimming e.g he swam across the Pucka Bay.

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