Lightscape for Smart Office  

Since September 2017, Lightscape has started doing activities for Smart Office.The specialists of the agency are responsible for doing media relations in a local area, fulfilling the role of press office in Lodz division, conducting brand communication on Facebook and organizing events (training and lectures dedicated to local enterpreneurship) and events that take place in it, which helps them in developing their business and gaining knowledge and contacts.

Smart Office is a coworking space in shopping center Sukcesja, where citizens of Lodz may work using office equipment, WiFi and rent a conference room for business meeting. The users may participate in events and lecture which helps them to develop their companies. The agency also organized networking event dedicated to local creative enterpreneurs - #PodwieczorekwŁodzi and supporting campaign which showed projects of creative citizens of Lodz - #ŁÓwcapomysłów.

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