We just ended rebranding events for GFT Poland employees (former Rule Financial). More than 400 people attended meetings held in Lodz and Poznan. “We are entering a new dimension” was the topic of the evening-held ceremonies. Each was filled with specially prepared attractions – 3D printers, drones, holograms, foto-huts, contests, charity auctions. All this in the rhythm of biggest musical hits.

Our team did not only prepare the complex concept of the events and managed their course, but was also responsible for creating a teaser campaign among the employees and production od animated and video materials.

Another company from the new technologies branch has joined our clients` list. Our cooperation started in February. UpMenu is an IT and consultancy company offering innovative technological solutions for the HoReCa market. We are responsible for their media relations.

Project team: Joanna Berlińska, Tomasz Luty, Krzysztof Madej.

We started cooperating with the BUDOMAL group. They act as: general contractor, subcontractor or developer. We are responsible for the creation of the name and CI system for a new business construction project carried out by BUDOMAL. Project team: Joanna Berlińska, Tomasz Luty, Krzysztof Madej.

We are happy to announce that we prolonged our cooperation with Manufaktura. Up to now we haqce created hundreds of press information, which resulted in thousands of publications in countrywide, branch and local media. We also administered the communication through social media: we set up the official Instagram profile, which now has more than 1 600 followers, more than 4 700 phtos have been tagged in the frame of the #LodzYouLove contest and we gained over 37 000 fans on Facebook.

Rule Financial has chosen our agency to act as their PR and marketing support (media relations, press office). We are also taking part in their rebranding process and promoting the “Digital Banking” contest. Rule Financial is an IT company offering their services for the banking sector. They work for 9 out of 10 biggest investment banks in the world. Project team: Joanna Berlińska, Weronika Seweryn.

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