Lightscape Agency has partnered with Intrum Poland, company belonging to Intrum Group. Intrum is the undisputed European market leader, credit management company with wide-ranging expertise in debt collection services. The agency conducts comprehensive communication activities on behalf of the customer and is responsible, amongst others, for outer and inner communication of the Group’s companies in Poland as well as supporting the team by providing crisis and strategic advisory services. 

On behalf of Łódź Art Center, the organizer of the Łódź Design Festival, we will carry out an international project aimed at promoting Polish design in Europe as well as around the world. The concept assumes among others: comprehensive organization of the two-day "BiznesUp! design made in Poland" forum, preparation of exhibition presenting the potential of Polish design, comprehensive promotional activities in Poland and abroad, as well as outdoor campaigns in selected Polish cities. All activities will be carried out from March to November 2018.

Podwieczorek w Łodzi

We cooperate with Linux Polska for the second time as part of the media service for Open Source Day Conference. Lightscape is responsible for relations with nationwide, industry and business media, acquisition of media patronage, and promoting of experts taking part in the event.

Podwieczorek w Łodzi

On January 16th, we had the pleasure to conduct PR workshops during a HR Time meeting, which integrates the Lodz HR community. Our experts shared their knowledge on how PR can support building a strong employer brand as well as gaining competitive advantage in the ‘war for talents’.

Open Source Day

Fashion Industry Days is the event which took place in Sukcesja Shopping and Entertainment Center in October 2017. The idea of the event was to integrate fashion and business. Lightscape was responsible for elaboration and execution of communication strategy in local, nationwide and trade media, as well as on social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

Open Source Day

At the beginning of December Lightscape has started cooperation with Waryński S.A. The agency is responsible for conducting communication activities.

Open Source Day

In November, The Lightscape Agency organized #PodwieczorekwŁodzi, which took place in coworking space - Smart Office. Many enterpreneurs, whose ideas and products are a showcase of a creative Łódz city, took part in the meeting. The Agency’s objective was to integrate the creative community, creating a platform for echanging experiences, as well as establishing new business contacts. The honorary patron of the event was the Marshal of the Lodz region and the media patron was the portal

Podwieczorek w Łodzi

At the biginning of November, Idea Bank delegates the promotion and communications activities to our specialist for Idea Hub in Poznan. The agency’s task is to events (training and lectures dedicated to local enterpreneurship, which promote the brand in startup and technology environment, and creative branch as well, fulfilling the role of press office in Poznan division. For the implementation of these tasks Paulina Morawska and Piotr Baleja are responsible.

Open Source Day

From June to October 2017, Lightscape has cooperated with Łódź Design Festival - international design festival organized in Łódź since 2007. The agency supported activities during the 11th edition of Łódź Design Festival which took 3-8 October, under the slogan OD.NOWA.

Open Source Day

Since September 2017, Lightscape has started doing activities for Smart Office.The specialists of the agency are responsible for doing media relations in a local area, fulfilling the role of press office in Lodz division, conducting brand communication on Facebook and organizing events (training and lectures dedicated to local enterpreneurship) and events that take place in it, which helps them in developing their business and gaining knowledge and contacts.

Open Source Day

Lightscape has started cooperation with 9bits. The agency will be responsible for media relations. 9bits specializes in e-commerce, m-commerce and application development.


Lightscape has executed an employer branding campaign named Color Your Career for Flint Group Polska. The agency was responsible for developing the main concept of the campaign, graphic creation and supervising over the campaign implementation on citylights, city bikes and public transport vehicles in Lodz.

Flint Group

Lightscape agency for the fifth year in a row has been launching promotional activities supporting admissions for PWSZ in Skierniewice.

PWSZ in Skierniewice

Lightscape commenced cooperation with Adrino. Agency will be responsible for media relations, with nationwide and industry media, as well as promotion of experts.


Lightscape commenced cooperation with Linux Polska. Dedicated team will be responsible for media relations with nationwide and industry media, as well as promotion of experts.

Linux Polska

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